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Tri-Shore Little League

Spring Lake Borough Notices Marucci Park

NOTICE: SL Borough ordinance Chapter 7 Section 32.6 requires that all vehicles parking at any park or public property MUST be in designated parking spaces.  No Parking is permitted on grass areas or within the unpaved lot off of South Boulevard leading to the SL Borough yard and Field #3.

NOTICE: No Dogs allowed in parks or playgrounds SL ordinance Chapter section 107-8 (see below).  Please do not bring your dog to any practice, games or for recreation.


Home Run Derby Winners

Congratulations to the following Home Run Derby Winners! They will be eligible to compete in regionals later this summer with chance to advance to finals at Citizens Bank Park.

7/8 Boys
1st Place - Strider Carhart
2nd Place - Luke Barry
3rd Place - Jake Litzenger

9/10 Boys
1st Place - Will Vasquez
2nd Place - Owen Mehring
3rd Place - Chris Carhart

11/12 Boys
1st Place - Dylan Looney
2nd Place - Jack Maggs
3rd Place - James Gilmore

7/8 Girls
1st Place - Delia Gilmore
2nd Place - Charlotte Perry
3rd Place - Helen Taylor

9/10 Girls
1st Place - Brooke Loughlin
2nd Place - Danni Forrester
3rd Place - Elinor Krebs

11/12 Girls
1st Place - Mollie Bodnar
2nd Place - Madison Sinkhorn
3rd Place - Maddy Daino

Player Authenticate

Little League requires the local charters to collect birth certificates, medical releases and proof of residences for each player.  In order to safeguard your privacy and identity, TSLL has teamed up with Player Authenticate to perform this service.

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